In 1988, Phi Kappa Chi was founded at Baylor University as a local social/service club. This is still the case today. Phi Kappa Chi's sole undergraduate chapter is located at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Known to most on campus as "Phi Chi," part of the chapter's core purpose is to provide undergraduate men with the opportunity for Christian fellowship and service while supporting heritage and traditions of Baylor.

Men are selected for membership through an application and interview process, based on their expressed Christian commitment, GPA, university involvement, and additional honors and achievements. If you are attending Baylor and interested in learning more about joining Phi Kappa Chi, visit the Undergraduate Chapter Website.
Phi Kappa Chi is dedicated to developing refined Christian men whose experiences in the undergraduate chapter have better prepared them for life beyond Baylor. As our mission statement says, we are "committed to fostering the desire in Christian men to glorify God in all their actions. We seek to build each other up in a Christian brotherhood that seeks excellence socially, physically, academically, and through service to Baylor and the community." We also recognize that the health of our brotherhood depends on fostering an environment of personal growth and leadership development.

Membership in Phi Kappa Chi (Phi Chi) is open to undergraduate Baylor University men and provides an opportunity for campus and community involvement, fellowship, personal growth and leadership development, service, scholarship, and spiritual formation.

To learn more about joining Phi Chi, visit the Undergraduate Chapter Website.

Statement on Hazing - Phi Kappa Chi acknowledges that Acts of hazing are incongruent with our commitment as Christian men to encourage one another. We agree to uphold and abide by Baylor policy and Texas State Law on hazing. Further, we will hold ourselves to an even higher standard: that of the 'atmosphere of encouragement and comfort' described in our founding Purpose Statement.

Statement on Pledge Education - "We believe that pledgeship should be a completely positive experience and a time for individual growth, not a time for members to vent their frustrations. It is a time for members and pledges to grow both spiritually and physically, serve, and learn together. The brothers of Phi Kappa Chi believe that the happy person is the one who is complete in all areas of life. We will concentrate on improving the academic, spiritual, physical, and social aspects of our lives in an attempt to better ourselves and those around us."
- Phi Kappa Chi Founding Purpose Statement

The Risk Management Policy of the Chapter includes the provisions that follow and shall apply to all levels of membership: click the image below to view the Risk Management Policy in its entirety.