In our effort to provide the best possible experience for our undergraduate membership, Phi Kappa Chi relies on the dedication and support of parents. Included in this section you will find resources that will help you better understand what membership in "Phi Chi" entails and the exciting opportunities available to your student. Additionally you will find many opportunities to be a part of our brotherhood through volunteer efforts, events, opportunities for giving, and more.
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The following are some commonly asked questions about being in a fraternal organization. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Board of Directors or the Undergraduate Chapter President. We are more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Answer: During pledging, your son will participate in a number of events, including meetings about Phi Chi's history and purpose, leadership retreats, community service projects, Bible studies, and activities designed to build friendship among the pledges and with the chapter members. The entire pledging program is reviewed and approved by Baylor's Department of Student Activities; they know what is going on at all times. Moreover, Baylor University requires that all new member education programs be completed in five weeks.

Most importantly, Phi Kappa Chi maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy on hazing. Members found in violation of this are referred to the Phi Kappa Chi Standards Board for immediate sanctioning and are barred from further participation in any pledge education activities. Additionally, alumni members of Phi Kappa Chi are not permitted to participate in pledge education activities in any way. Any instances of hazing are immediately reported to Baylor's Department of Student Activities and the Office of the Dean for Student Development.

Phi Kappa Chi Statement on Hazing
Phi Kappa Chi acknowledges that Acts of hazing are incongruent with our commitment as Christian men to encourage one another. We agree to uphold and abide by Baylor policy and Texas State Law on hazing. Further, we will hold ourselves to an even higher standard: that of the 'atmosphere of encouragement and comfort' described in our founding Purpose Statement.

Answer: Members elected to officer positions manage the day-to-day operations of the Phi Kappa Chi's Undergraduate Chapter. These officers are assisted by alumni members serving on advisory committees and by several official university sponsors. In addition, the club has an alumni advisory council that works with the undergraduate leaders to ensure stability and consistency as Phi Chi seeks to achieve its long-term goals.

Answer: No. Phi Kappa Chi was established in 1988 as a local men's social/service club. Our sole Undergraduate Chapter is located at Baylor University. We believe that by retaining our local identity we may better serve the needs of our members (both undergraduate and alumni) and Baylor.

Answer: The Phi Kappa Chi Undergraduate Chapter is self-supported through dues charged to all members. In the first year of membership, a one-time pledging fee is assessed. After those initial payments are made, there are semester dues until a member graduates. In the final semester of undergraduate membership, a portion of the dues goes to Phi Kappa Chi, Inc. as payment for lifetime alumni dues. Generally, joining a local organization is less expensive than joining a national fraternal organization. For more specific details on the exact cost of joining, go to the financial expectations page of this section of the website.

Answer: Participating in any worthwhile activity always requires an investment of one's time. Research has shown that involved college students are more likely to graduate, and they also report greater satisfaction with their college experience. Members will learn how to balance their academic, work, campus involvement, and social commitments, a skill which will be invaluable for their post-Baylor lives as well.

Answer: Phi Chi organizes a series of meet-and-greet events during a specific period of time called recruitment or "rush". This time offers potential pledges an opportunity to meet members of Phi Chi, as well as other men who are also interested in joining Phi Chi. During this time your son will learn what Phi Chi has to offer its members, and he will have plenty of time to ask questions not only of Phi Chi, but of other organizations as well. Phi Chi has a unique identity based on the development of Christian character, social skills, friendship, service to each other, and academic excellence. Just like researching, visiting, and choosing a college, students should seek out the group that best fits their personality, needs, and desires.

If your son is interested in being considered for membership, encourage him to visit to register for recruitment.

Answer: Be supportive and learn as much as you can by asking questions of your student as he meets people through the recruitment process. Members will be more than happy to tell them (and you) about Phi Chi.

Your student will have financial responsibilities associated with joining Phi Kappa Chi. Members of Phi Chi pay a one-time pledging fee as well as semester membership dues. Your student's year in school will determine the amount of dues he will have to pay each semester. Below is a chart showing Phi Chi's current dues structure.

There are many ways that you as a parent or family member can support and get involved in your student's Phi Chi experience.

Parent's Weekend – Each fall, Baylor University and the Baylor Chamber of Commerce host Parent's Weekend. Traditionally, Phi Chi hosts a parent luncheon or tailgate prior to that weekend's home football game. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the parents and families of other members.

Phi Kappa Chi Parents League – Phi Kappa Chi is currently considering establishing a Phi Kappa Chi Parents League. The purpose of the Parents League would be to provide further opportunities for parents of current undergraduate members to get to know one another, share in the successes of the chapter, and learn how they can actively contribute to achieving Phi Chi's founding purposes. If you would like more information about the PKC Parents League, email

Senior Passdowns – At the end of each spring semester, undergraduate members of Phi Kappa Chi gather for an annual tradition called Senior Passdowns. This is an opportunity for graduating seniors to "pass down" the wisdom and knowledge they have gained to younger members of the chapter, not to mention a lot of old t-shirts. Parents are invited to write letters of encouragement to their sons, congratulating them on their upcoming graduation and acknowledging them for their contributions to Phi Chi. For information about Senior Passdowns, email the President of the Undergraduate Chapter at

Phi Kappa Chi Foundation – Beginning in January 2011, tax-deductible contributions can now be made to the Phi Kappa Chi Foundation, Phi Kappa Chi Inc.'s 501 c (3) non-profit foundation. The Foundation's primary purpose is to support the academic and leadership development of undergraduate members, as well as its ongoing service efforts in Central Texas and around the world. If you would like information about donating to the Phi Kappa Chi Foundation, contact us by emailing

Ryberg Endowment – Phi Kappa Chi's undergraduate chapter established the Ryberg Endowment in 1993, in memory of Mark Ryberg's (Beta Pledge Class, Fall 1991) father. The long-term purpose of the endowment is to fund a portion of the undergraduate chapter's operating expenses in order to make Phi Kappa Chi membership more affordable to undergraduate men. If you would like information about donating to the Ryberg Endowment, contact us by emailing – Consider supporting Phi Kappa Chi's official philanthropy by making a tax-deductible donation to Visit them online at