"We are delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God, but our lives as well, because you have become so dear to us." – 1 Thessalonians 2:8

Welcome to the Alumni section of PhiKappaChi.org. The information provided in this section will identify the many opportunities and resources available to you as alumni members of Phi Kappa Chi. We also encourage you to discover some of the ways that you can help to continue strengthening our brotherhood.

Life-Long Membership – When you were initiated into Phi Kappa Chi, you pledged to contribute actively to the ongoing efforts of Phi Kappa Chi, not only during your undergraduate years, but throughout your post-Baylor lives as well. This includes living a life that reflects our Christian commitment to serving others as well as one that is centered on Phi Chi's core values: Commitment to Christ, Excellence, Humility, Integrity, and Respect. As a life-long member, we also hope you will seek out opportunities to give back to a brotherhood which has given so much to you.

Reconnect – The alumni section of Phikappachi.org provides you with many resources that will enable you to reconnect with your fellow brothers, as well as with members of the undergraduate chapter at Baylor. Using the resources provided here, we encourage you to reestablish fraternal bonds, renew friendships, and reconnect.

Serve – As you explore the website you will find a number of opportunities available to you to serve each other and our undergraduate chapter. Please consider how, through one of these opportunities, you might be able make a positive contribution to Phi Chi and its ongoing efforts to fulfill our founding principles.

Give – One way we encourage you to support Phi Chi is by making a financial contribution or by donating physical resources. Under the "give back" page in the alumni section, you will find a number of opportunities to give, as well as a list of undergraduate chapter needs. Depending on the nature of your contribution, you may be eligible for a tax deduction. We look forward to working with you in matching your gifts with Phi Chi's needs.
Alumni members, undergraduates, former Lil' Sis's, campus sponsors, and parents may register with the Phi Chi Network. Registering allows you to communicate with other members of the network, update your mailing address and other important contact information, and stay up-to-date on important information. Connect with other alumni and current members to share important and exciting news, family updates, job opportunities and much more. Access the Phi Kappa Chi Network by clicking the image below:

Phi Kappa Chi provides its alumni members with a number of volunteer opportunities such as serving on the Board of Directors, the Phi Chi Alumni advisory council, coordinating alumni events, and fundraising. If you are interested in serving in ay of these capacities email us at alumni@phikappachi.org.

Phi Chi Board of Directors – Phi Kappa Chi, Inc. is directed by a nine-member Board of Directors. Current Board members are: Barry Brake (charter), Brett Lester (Theta), Brett Spivey (Lambda), Nick Martineau (Upsilon), Michael Riemer (Phi), Russell Chance (Alpha Mu), Gary Guadagnolo (Alpha Mu).

Alumni Advisory Council – A Standing Committee of the B.O.D., the Phi Chi Alumni Advisory Council consists primarily of men living in close proximity to Waco, TX. This group corresponds regularly with members of the Phi Kappa Chi Executive Council to assist them in strategic planning. The Council also works closely with the undergraduate chapter sponsors and student leaders to support, encourage, and mentor the fraternity.

Pledge Class Representatives – The Phi Kappa Chi Board of Directors is seeking permanent pledge class representatives. A pledge class with less than 10 members upon graduation elects one representative, a class with more than 10 members elects two representatives, and a class with more than 20 members may elect three representatives. This vote should be conducted on a majority-basis (50% plus one) using whatever method of communication the pledge class decides. The responsibilities of the representative(s) are to:
  • Serve as the voting body for the election of the members of the Board of Directors, and be eligible to serve as members of the Board.
  • Maintain and provide the Alumni Liaison with current and accurate contact information for their pledge class to be kept in the alumni database.
  • Disseminate important information regarding alumni events, Baylor Chapter activities, and strategic initiatives to their pledge class.
  • Work with the CFO of the Board and the Phi Kappa Chi Foundation to solicit alumni donations from their pledge class to be used for undergraduate member scholarships, alumni activities, and Ryberg Endowment contributions.
  • Make every effort to attend the Annual Meeting during Baylor's Homecoming Celebration.
  • Update the Alumni Relations BOD Officer of any significant events and milestones in the lives of alumni to be included in alumni communications.

Once your pledge class has chosen your representatives, please let us know by email at alumni@baylorphichi.org. This is a very important role and will provide you with an opportunity to become involved actively in the ongoing work of the club. If you are ready to become involved with Phi Chi once again, please consider serving in this way!
The Phi Kappa Chi Board of Directors is exploring options for opening alumni chapters in major cities across the country. If you are a Phi Chi alumnus and are interested in started an alumni chapter in your city, please contact the Board of Directors Chairman at chairman@phikappachi.org.

These chapters will provide Phi Kappa Chi alumni with opportunities for fellowship and staying involved in the life of Phi Kappa Chi.
If you know men coming to Baylor from your church, a school at which you teach, or other environment, please tell us who they are and why you think they would be perfect for Phi Chi.

Support the ongoing efforts of Phi Kappa Chi through your financial contributions. Giving opportunities include: undergraduate scholarships, gifts to the official Phi Kappa Chi philanthropy (iloveorphans.com), sponsorships of ongoing service activities, and more.

Phi Kappa Chi Foundation
Beginning in January 2011, tax-deductible contributions can be made to the Phi Kappa Chi Foundation, Phi Kappa Chi Inc.'s 501 c (3) non-profit foundation. The Foundation's primary purpose is to support the academic and leadership development of undergraduate members, as well as its ongoing service efforts in Central Texas and around the world.

If you want to know more about the Phi Kappa Chi Foundation, visit them on Facebook here or contact the Foundation by email at foundation@phikappachi.org

Ryberg Endowment
Phi Kappa Chi's undergraduate chapter established the Ryberg Endowment in 1993 in memory of Mark Ryberg's (Beta Pledge Class, Fall 1991) father. The long-term purpose of the endowment is to fund a portion of the undergraduate chapter's operating expenses in order to make Phi Kappa Chi membership more affordable to undergraduate men in need of financial assistance. If you would like information about donating to the Ryberg Endowment, contact us by emailing chairman@phikappachi.org.

Consider supporting Phi Kappa Chi's official philanthropy by making a tax-deductible donation to iloveorphans.com. Visit them online at www.iloveorphans.com.
Do you have exciting or important news you want to share with other Phi Chi's? If so, use the form below to tell us about any recent news, marriages, births, job developments, personal achievements, and more.