Phi Kappa Chi was founded on April 21, 1988, at Baylor University as a social/service fraternal organization. We seek to prepare men for a life of service and Christian commitment. We have identified five core values around which we strive to center our lives and actions as a brotherhood of Christian men. These core values are:
  • Commitment to Christ
  • Excellence
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Respect

Every decision we make as an organization is based on these five values. We do not, however, intend for our efforts to integrate these values into our daily lives to end when we leave Baylor; Phi Chi is designed to develop and shape a lifelong commitment to faithful Christianity.

Leadership and Structure: Phi Kappa Chi Inc., governed by a 9-member board of directors, consists of an alumni network of 600 men worldwide, the Baylor University Undergraduate Chapter, and the Phi Kappa Chi Foundation.

Lifetime Involvement: When men accept an invitation to join Phi Kappa Chi, they commit to a lifetime of a service to the organization. We believe strongly that a commitment to our core values and ideals not only enhances and enriches the collegiate experience, but can also provide a foundation for future growth and a fulfilling life beyond Baylor. There are many opportunities to contribute actively to the brotherhood beyond college; membership does not end upon graduation.
Phi Kappa Chi ("Phi Chi") was founded in the spring of 1988 with the express purpose of being different, a tenet that still remains evident today. We were formed as a fraternity for "non-joiners," and we believe the diversity this creates is a unique characteristic of Phi Kappa Chi. Ultimately, however, the letters we wear do not define us. We don't have a brand, and we don't seek one. After more than two decades, we stand true to the principles upon which we were founded: service to the community and to Baylor, commitment to one another as brothers, and most importantly, a commitment to Jesus Christ.

Phi Kappa Chi has identified five core values that guide our efforts at upholding our Christian identity and maintaining the unity of our brotherhood. We believe all of our members - alumni and undergraduates - should exhibit these values:

Commitment to Christ - Above all else, we, as Christian men of Phi Kappa Chi, are committed to a lifestyle that glorifies Christ and emulates His identity in Scripture. First and foremost, we seek to make this our guiding principle in all our actions and decisions. By exhibiting a commitment to Christ, all other core values will also be demonstrated.

Respect - As Christians, we have a responsibility to love other people. Respect must be shown to each other within the brotherhood in order for it to function properly. We also must respect the people outside of Phi Kappa Chi, including the larger Baylor and Waco communities.

Excellence - Phi Kappa Chi will strive for excellence in all that we do. We recognize that the Christian life is a holistic commitment to excellence and purity that is imitative of Christ.

Humility - Following Christ as the ultimate model of humility, the fraternity will also pursue a commitment to humility by valuing service throughout all aspects of membership.

Integrity - In all our relationships and actions, we must act with integrity, as Christ calls us to do so.
Phi Kappa Chi was founded at Baylor University, on April 21, 1988.

On December 18, 1987, two Baylor students formally met to discuss an idea. On the way home for Christmas break, Ty Bollinger and Trent Hampton spoke of the possibility of starting a new fraternity. Both men felt an unfulfilled need in their college lives for fellowship and true brotherhood. During that Christmas Break Ty and Trent laid much of the groundwork for what would happen during the next semester.

 On Monday morning, January 18, 1988, at 2:45 A.M., the two founding fathers coined the name PHI KAPPA CHI, standing for Brotherhood, Centered, Christ – Philos Kruxos Christos. The very first meeting, which originally consisted of 12 men, was held on Tuesday, January 26, in the basement of the Hankamer School of Business on Baylor's campus. Over the course of the next three months, several meetings were held with the Director of Student Activities to develop the charter and constitution of the new fraternity. Eventually, a group of 26 men saw the official birth of Phi Kappa Chi when a charter was officially approved on April 21, 1988.

Today, with over 600 alumni members and 100 undergraduate members, Phi Kappa Chi continues to write new chapters of its history, fulfilling its mission to profoundly impact the lives of Baylor University men.
Phi Kappa Chi, Inc. is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors:
  • Brett Lester, Chairman - Spring 1992, Theta
  • Gary Guadagnolo, Secretary - Spring 2005, Alpha Mu
  • Barry Brake, Alumni Relations - Spring 1988, Charter
  • Michael Riemer, Chapter Relations - Fall 1998, Phi
  • VACANT, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mitchell Frank, Undergraduate Chapter President - Fall 2010, Alpha Psi
  • Russell Chance, Board Member - Spring 2005, Alpha Mu
  • Nick Martineau, Board Member - Spring 1998, Upsilon
  • Brett Spivey, Board Member - Fall 1993, Lambda
Following the example of Christ, Phi Kappa Chi is committed to servant leadership. The organization seeks to develop men who have a heart for service that will bring glory to God for the rest of their lives.

In 2007, the Phi Kappa Chi Undergraduate chapter selected as their official philanthropy. That same year, at the Phi Kappa Chi Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors affirmed this decision and also voted to adopt as the official philanthropy of Phi Kappa Chi Inc.

Founded by Phi Chi alumni in 2006, the philanthropy's purpose is to respond to the current crisis in Africa involving the enormous number of orphaned children. Approximately 1.6 million orphans currently live in Uganda alone, which is 18% of the country's estimated nine million children. Moreover, the number of orphans is expected to grow to over 2 million by the year 2008. Many children are left homeless and orphaned, as AIDS, malaria, and other diseases have ravaged their parents' generation. These children, exposed to diseases such as malaria, gastroenteritis, and tuberculosis, have little reason to hope. Phi Kappa Chi is working with to help build a children's center, which will be a place of safety, hope, and love to children who so desperately need all three.

To learn more about and how you can help, visit them online at